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Story maps, Performance Art, Narrated long-distance hikes, toolkits and other projects I have worked on, or initiated in recent years.



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Exploring journalism's limits
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I like to raise more questions than I answer. 

As a concept developer my main priority is to make you *rethink*. I do this by employing storytelling tools and strategies that interrupt our everyday lived experience and make you ask 'why' we do things the way we do them. 

I do this through critical and strategic thinking. And through human-based design. Across disciplines and boundaries.



As a founding member of the House of Lostbois collective, me and my dragking 'brothers' diversify queer spaces and stages, usually dominated by cis-gendered white men. As Vinny von Vinci, a boylesque/drag performer, I defy the straight-male gaze and gender binary through an embodied experience shared with the audience. My aim is to celebrate and politicize (my) queer body and gender(s) and explore the potential of the stage for queer ways of knowing and politics.

The gallery below links to my instagram account, recording this ongoing manifestation of gender performativity in times of COVID.



Long-term multimedia storymapping / journalism project on the opportunities and innovation that takes place in rural areas of the Netherlands.

For this ongoing project, I cross the country by foot, arranging interviews and encounters on the go. I share dinners with strangers and stay at their homes, while we exchange stories and experiences of our country, before continuing my walk the next day.

Due to the highly localized and specific cultural nuances of this project, the storymaps are in Dutch. It's visual set-up, however, still makes it worth-while exploring, regardless of the languages you speak.



In 2018-2019, I worked as an embedded researcher for 'Exploring Journalism's limits' - A practice-based research collaboration between the RUG (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen), HU (Hogeschool Utrecht) and Verspers.

during this period I co-authord two articles and developed an online toolkit for freshly graduated journalists.

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Published may 2020 in Journalism Studies

In this paper, we explore the ways in which we can employ arts-based
research methods to unpack and represent the diversity and
complexity of journalistic experiences and (self) conceptualisations.
We address the need to reconsider the ways in which we theorise
and research the field of journalism. We thereby aim to
complement the current methodologies, theories, and prisms
through which we consider our object of study to depict more
comprehensively the diversity of practices in the field. To gather
stories about journalism creatively (and ultimately more inclusively
and richly), we propose and present the use of arts-based research
methods in journalism studies. By employing visual and narrative
artistic forms as a research tool, we make room for the senses,
emotion and imagination on the part of the respondents,
researchers and audiences of the output. We draw on a specific
collaboration with artists and journalists that resulted in a research
event in which 32 journalists were invited to collaboratively
recreate the “richness and complexity” of journalistic practices.


Storymapping & Educational toolkit

In 2016 I conceptualized and co-developed the Afrispectives platform. Although the project is ongoing, I transferred my involvement with the project to the community partners that participated in setting it up.

Afrispectives is a Dutch based non-profit platform by and for people of African and Afro-Caribbean descent. Through this online space people from all over the world can find each other and exchange stories, creativity, businesses and knowledge. We aim to connect our people so we can find and support each other in the Netherlands and abroad. By connecting, embracing and celebrating our heritage, we aim to redefine our history, present and future from a Pan-African and decolonial perspective.

These stories also form a reference point for an educational toolkit that was developed by me, IDleaks and Aspha Bijnaar, which was made available for free to educational professionals in the Netherlands. This project is financed through the Dutch ministry of Social Affairs in the context of the Dutch implementation of the UN decade of people of African Descent. The project facilitators are IDleaks, Mano a Mano Producoes and studio Gingertheworld.



The microbar is an intervention / foodtruck. We toured Dutch food- and Music festivals from 2014-2016 to spread awareness around the carbon footprint of eating meat. We took a culinary approach towards the UN recommendation of adding insect to our Western diets and served delicious snacks made with grasshoppers and mealworms



I Co-Founded and Managed Artstikke Art Department for over a decade.
We were responsible for the Art-direction of projects by Microsoft, Amnesty International, Oxfam, Adidas and many more.

Artstikke is an Amsterdam based company, specialized in communicating a specific story through the Art-direction of multi-media productions, including commercials and feature films as well as events and campaigns. Apart from more hands-on skills like creative design, conceptualising, set-design, special prop making and carpentry, my experience while running Artstikke included team leadership, budgeting and project management.